The health of the human race requires uplifting after so many years of suppression and dictatorial control by the pharmaceutical industry. Alternative, safe, drug-free remedies must be introduced at an attractive price (or even free of charge) to counter the current mind-controlled state of both physicians and patients that only officially recognized ‘drugs’ are the answer to illness and disease. Ending reliance on pharmaceutical drugs will both decrease the financial load on government health-care systems and enhance the health status of the consumer.


Our mission is to create, or assume control over, independent laboratories throughout the world which will provide high-quality natural products for use in the health field at a price which will enable national and other health services provide their services at the lowest possible cost. The initial laboratory in the Vancouver area will spawn others of a like nature in other countries where the need is greatest or where employment opportunities are currently limited, and wherever a controlled environment can be maintained.


Dr Milson Macleod had over two decades experience in materials management in a major municipal government and introduced guidelines and procedures in the purchasing field, especially electronic purchasing, where he was a pioneer in the integration of electronic financial systems, and was highly regarded as both a researcher and problem solver. His responsibilities at times included laboratory equipment, chemicals and supplies. Since 1987 he has also practised instantaneous healing.

Mila Macleod graduated with First Class Honours in Pedagogica and Psychology in 1976 from the university at Slavyansk, Ukraine, and was certified to teach psychology at university or college level. At university she took two years of Medicine and received a certificate in Nursing, putting her on call at any time for military duty as such.

Chief Chemist: name to be announced

Consultant Physician: name to be announced


Financing will be required to purchase or construct a laboratory and production facility which will act as a model for others throughout the world. The highly-effective new products will be distributed initially free-of-charge to hospitals and clinics so that they can be seen to be effective and rapidly gain market share.

Depending upon initial acceptance, this free distribution may be carried out for a period of six to twelve months. Thereafter a modest profit will be incorporated into the selling price and contribute to expansion.

Net profit will go to help create new laboratories throughout the world. Laboratories in the Western world will quickly provide more funds to create laboratories in under-developed countries, where the products may be continued to be supplied free-of-charge, or at minimal cost.

In the Western world some charge for these products might prove more effective than ‘free’ as the general public have a tendency to think that products or services provided at zero cost have a zero value.

Startup costs are estimated at $3,000,000.


The laboratories will be operated under the supervision of a Canadian federally incorporated non-profit corporation, 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation (founded in 1989), and each new laboratory overseas will be incorporated locally under the most suitable terms available for its operation.


The initial location, most likely in Greater Vancouver, has not yet been chosen. This will depend in part on the recognition that many existing pharmaceutical laboratories will no longer be viable once NESARA has been announced and implemented, and will be available for take-over at low cost. This would decrease the lead time taken to start production of the products envisaged and possible also reduce capital costs.


There are small, private operations in England and South Africa known to provide one of these over-the-counter products on a limited scale. There is no effective competition for the specialized initial products, which are not expected to include ‘prescription drugs’, a terminology which may well soon change.


The services are offered initially not as a business proposition but as a service to mankind and will therefore be privately funded by philanthropic sources. As the facilities become ‘profitable’, these profits will be directed to expanding operations abroad, often providing products at no charge, so there will never be a recognized ‘profit-taking’ from these operations, but there should be great demand for the products offered.


In the short-term, a prototype facility will be established most likely in the Greater Vancouver area and once successful, and adequate funds are available, the operation will be expanded to other countries and may include safe equivalents of what are currently referred to as ‘prescription drugs’ (we expect the terminology to change post-NESARA). If coming ET technology makes such an operation redundant, this project will be converted to a Temple of Healing producing medications and equipment under ET and medical guidance.

© Dr Milson Macleod 2004

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