A number of products have been short-listed as examples for initial production. The names under which these will be marketed will not be given until they can be trademarked or otherwise sufficiently protected, but in due course they may be reproduced worldwide without restriction.

Our pricing will be a protection in itself as it will not be attractive for profit-taking. Pharmaceutical products are often marked up as much as 3,000% - but that era is over. The workman is worthy of his hire but greed and monopoly should not enter the picture.


The herbal balm Zam-Buk

Constituents of the herbal balm Zam-Buk

One proposed product ("Zam-Buk") is a healing balm or ointment which very quickly seals wounds of all kinds, alleviates bruises and pains, and has been successfully used for well over a century.

It was at one time marketed by Phisons, but as a household needs so little of it the turnover was not sufficiently high enough for the normal return on investment deemed necessary in the pharmaceutical industry. The original manufacturer was Zam-Buk Laboratories of Leeds, England, as indicated by century-old advertisements.

It was also claimed by opponents to be dangerous (a common complaint levied against natural products) as it contained camphor. This was a mis-identification (also a common practice in creating fear about natural products): the product contains white camphor, which does not have the same characteristics, although it is still inadvisable to use around the breathing organs if the patient has a respiratory problem at the time, as it can cause minor discomfort.

Once removed from the shelves of the chemist/drugstore the demand for this product resulted in an Internet group discussion, where information on its sale and properties was exchanged. Today it is still manufactured by one small company in England, and one in South Africa, which markets it through Australia. We much appreciate their zeal.

Newspaper Advertisement for Zam-Buk against School Diseases

Zam-Buk Ad for SCHOOLS

"Parents and Teachers knowing how rapidly Ringworm and Eczema spread among Children find a thorough Safeguard and Remedy in Zam-Buk."
Zam-Buk soaks right through the diseased tissue and kills the microscopic fungus plants and parasites which are the cause of the trouble, afterwards restoring the scalp and skin to sweetness and health."

The advertisements shown here are from 1907 and 1918. It will be noted that even the British War Office extolled the properties of Zam-Buk and invited the public to provide soldiers with a supply. It was compared to the balms carried by Grecian soldiers two millennia ago.

There appears to be no equivalent on the market today.

A contact in England (Andrew Brett) donated to us his collection of archival press clippings/advertisements for "Zam-Buk", so we have a good historical background to the advertising and use of the product as far back as 1905.

There are two slight variations to the ingredients and it is claimed that there is also a veterinarian version. This is still to be researched as little information has been gained so far to corroborate this claim.

Its characteristics are very interesting: it is one product that can be administered to children without any sign of rebellion, and the high degree of healing efficiency is unaffected by weather or storage conditions

Early ads stated that "after driving disease out of the flesh, it stimulated the growth of new healthy skin" and that it was a perfect defence against blood-poisoning, eczema and ulceration.

Zam-Buk: a balm such as used by the gladiators in Ancient Greece, the ad reads

Zam-Buk Ad

"It is made like the rich balms used by the gladiators in Ancient Greece (at one time Zam-Buk was produced in Greek Street in Leeds!) ..... Nature's Own Healing Balm ... Zam-Buk is healing, soothing, antiseptic, germicidal, and a skin grower. Keep a box handy for cuts, burns, sores, eczema, pains etc"

Ad during WW I

"Our soldiers want more Zam-Buk, to heal their Cuts, Bad Feet and Trench Sores ... You can do a soldier or sailor no greater service than sending him a supply of Zam-Buk, the magic herbal healer ... don't let your soldier lad go without Zam-Buk ....."

Zam-Buk - Our Soldiers want more, the ad reads

Zam-Buk - ulcers banished at age 77 Zam-Buk ad displayed prominently on city corner

Zam-Buk Advertising

Zam-Buk advertised at major road intersection.

Zam-Buk Ad for the AGED

"Cured at 77" - Zam-Buk knows no age barriers.

"A wound from a dog bite threatened threatened to develop serious complications for Mr John Cornell, of the 'Royal Fusilier' Hotel ... but today, thanks entirely to Zam-Buk, Mr Cornell is quite cured.

"About six months ago I was bitten on the leg by a dog. The wound began to discharge and became badly ulcerated. I consulted a doctor, who recommended complete rest. His remedies brought but little relief from the burning pain and for months I could not sleep ...

Zam-Buk was wonderfully antiseptic and soothing, the pain and inflammation soon being lessened ... It was not long before Zam-Buk had quite healed the wound and my leg was as sound as ever. Considering my age I think Zam-Buk has worked a splendid cure."


We need this product manufactured again on a major scale so that it can also be shipped to Third World countries as part of relief projects.

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