Our list of short-listed products continue here as examples for initial production. The names under which these will be marketed will not be given until they can be trademarked or otherwise sufficiently protected, but in due course they may be reproduced worldwide without restriction.

Our pricing will be a protection in itself as it will not be attractive for profit-taking. Pharmaceutical products are often marked up as much as 3,000% - but that era is over. The workman is worthy of his hire but greed and monopoly should not enter the picture.


The second proposed product is a variation of one marketed in the '90s to a small group in USA, and whose composition was provided by Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn for the benefit of all mankind. We have the original formula, but the intention is to enhance it, as he suggested, with various herbs as indicated for various conditions. It is based on mitochondria: these are living creatures which, when introduced to the body, live on undesirable bacteria and viruses. It is therefore most useful during and after surgical operations and at any time when the body has been attacked by harmful bacteria or viruses.

In 1997 I queried this with both medical doctors and nurses in the hospital where I underwent total knee replacement and was surprised that they were acquainted with it - yet it was not available to them. I was however permitted to bring in my own supply.

Production is very straightforward, with common low-cost ingredients. It can accommodate other additives which would enhance its efficacy - such as colloidal silver or gold, vitamins and herbs, making it a most desirable remedy for hospitals and clinics, where infection is a constant problem, even if only grudgingly admitted. In common parlance a hospital is said to be the most dangerous environment for a human being. Time we changed all that.


This product is currently manufacured and distributed in certain parts of the world, but in other major areas it is banned - a real danger to the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry!

Its active ingredients are made from natural oil shale rock

Used topically it draws out infection from an open wound like no other product.

Another pale type of ICHTHYOL® is offered worldwide under the name of ICHTHYOL® PALE for application in the cosmetics industry.


The third proposed product is a vitamin compound - rosehip, with Vitamin C - which can no longer be found in the marketplace. Rosehip is more potent than Vitamin C itself, and is one of the few effective remedies for the common cold (if taken soon enough). Its removal from the marketplace was a sure sign of its effectiveness, posing a threat to the sale of pharmaceutical drugs.

Neither of these first two products can be considered 'rocket science' therefore top scientists and technicians are not an absolute necessity, but future products may well be based upon technology provided by the Galactic Forces (which has been promised) and this may require a greater degree of expertise. The top personnel therefore may be 'over-qualified' initially.


Beverages to maintain or enhance the immune system may be added subsequently, possibly as separate installations as the environment and packaging requirements may be significantly different, and formulae for the production of such products are already in our possession, free of encumbrances. These will also be unique in the marketplace, or at least to the North American market.

The basis for some will be ancient grains, which in themselves constitute a complete food, and have the additional characteristic of enhancing the immune system.

Some will even be alcoholic in nature, to attract the attention of those who are addicted to such pleasures. At least they can then have something which will boost their immune system at the same time .........


Further products may be as suggested by ET Science & Medical Team representatives, in conjunction with ET Healing Clinics, and this may well become a major part of the production, but no information is as yet available on the range of products which may be introduced.

Research and Development personnel will cooperate with extra-terrestrial scientists to provide the most efficient products for the future. Vitamin and Mineral Formulations, Herb Extracts and Botanical Medicines are expected to number amongst these products of the future, from world-wide sources.

If you have details of other products which you believe should be marketed freely,

If you have laboratory facilities which you would like to make available for this project,

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